50 Years Reunion Photos

 Photos from Barb and Jerry Mitchell

Sue Beekman Mills and Jim Dorin, Reunion Co-Chairs



    Carle Pierce, Mort McKillop, Tom Culver


 Barb and Jerry Mitchell



  Bill Foster and California friend



  Bob and Judy Bolan Park, Jerry Mitchell, Steve and Barb Barnes Musselman



  Bob and Judy Bolan Park, Jerry Mitchell


 Jerry Mitchell and Fred Parks (Mitch and Sike)


 Jerry Mitchell, Joyce and Jim Clark


 Judy Forsyth Potts, Jack and Nancy Evans Morgan


 Marlene and Bill Thomas


 Mort and Nancy


 Pat Arnold Zue, Ellie Whipple Wilbur, Julan Downs Chappell, Nancy Nobach McKillop, Ira Purchis lurking behind


 Richard Dunham, Jerry Park, Dee Schaberg Sohrweide 


Real nice photo of Mort, Nancy, Bill and his friend in their room before the Banquet

Photos from Bob Swain


Bob Swain talking to Dick Pride with Dick’s wife Carol behind


  Bob Swain and Bill Thomas, Jim Dorin behind Bob


 Sylvia Stephens Abbott, Bob Swain


 Bob Swain, Dave Parker, Tom Culver behind


 John Burnett, Bob Swain, Chuck Sweitzer


 Dave Willsey, Mort McKillop, Bob Swain


 Chuck Sweitzer, Carol Taylor Perkins, Bill Thomas shouting at Donna Root Forbush, Ben Gardner at table behind
  Jerry Park and Bob Swain
 Carol Taylor Perkins and Letha Aspgren Collins

  Bill Weaver and Bob Swain, Ben Gardner behind with drink in hand


Friday Night Photos from Jerry Mitchell

 Barb and Jerry Mitchell


 Bill Foster and friend


 Bill Foster, Bill Thomas


 Jerry Mitchell, John Burnett, Mort and Nancy


 Jerry Mitchell and Ken Noble (blue shirt), Mort McKillop and Carle Pierce


Jim Dorin


 John Burnett and Jerry Mitchell


 Mitch and Gene Dodge


 Mort with Brooke Reasoner


 Richard Dunham and Mitch (look at their photos on the name tags!)