60 Years Reunion

60 Years Reunion was great!

Here are some photos - any corrections?

We can send you a high resolution file of any of these photos  if you want to have a print made, or we can make a print for you.

If anyone has photos, send them to us - we would like to post more photos.


Joan Dailey and Marlene Walker



Roberta Alexander Lear LEHS '55, Bill Lear, Catherine Johnson Shults daughter of Sally and Larry Johnson, Sally Alexander Johnson LEHS '59 widow of Larry Johnson June '57

Bill Thomas, Carol Pride, Lois and Ron Rasmussen

Fred Parks, Jim Keyton, Jack Morgan, Steve Musselman,
Sue Beekman Mills, Barb Barnes Musselman


Marcia and Gary Hoskins, Roberta Pascal Rowe
Letha and Fred Parks behind


Virginia and John Pettinger


Wayne Clark, Bob Bailey, Sandy Halsey Bailey, Suzanne Noyce Clark


Shirley and Bill Brewer, Al and Don David




Letha and Ron in a serious discussion


Eleanor Doersam, Foster and Judy Van Vliet


Bill Dailey talking with Jim Pierson






Ron Rasmussen, Bill Weaver, Virginia Wick Bullock,
Anne Weaver, Joan Gault Byron behind Anne,
Mort McKillop listening in

Sue Beekman Mills, Lois Rasmussen, Letha
Dave Sanders behind Sue


Michelena De Rose and Jim Keyton




Dawn and Jim


Michelena De Rose and Marcelle Carutthers


Old Friends Jim Giddings and Roberta Pascal Rowe


Skip Collins and Jim Walker


Jim, Dawn, and Jim

Ginny Richard Crandall and Linda Burl Spry





Dave Sanders,Lois Bailey Rasmussen, Elnora Croley Owen



Mary Schoemehl and Ellie Whipple Wilbur


Mandy and Sylvia


Wayne Clark and Jim Giddings


Bill Brewer, Margaret Ansley Dannemiller, Al and Don David



Ira and Ann Purchis, the Alexander sisters, Dave Sanders


The Alexander Family table, joined by Bill Penrose on the left


Elnora Croley Owen and Dale Owen, Margaret Ansley Dannemiller,
Jim Dorin, Jean Rammacher Spencer, Dennis Voketz,
Donna Root Forbush

Joan and Bill Dailey, Marlene and Jim Walker,
Jerry and Lucille Martin


Lois and Ron Rasmussen, Jim Retzloff, Jack and Nancy Morgan,
Barb and Steve Musselman, Carol Pride
Foster Van Vliet, Wayne Clark, Bob and Sandy Bailey,
Suzzane Clark, Jim Giddings
Mike Kosloski
Mike and Marilyn, Mort and Nancy, Janet and Dick
Bill Brewer, Al David, Linda Collins behind
Ira Purchis and Ron Bell
Don David, Shirley Brewer, Ann Purchis
Jim Pierson, Jim Keyton, Donna Root Forbush
Mandy, Linda, Sylvia, Ginny, Sue, Nancy,
Anne, Ellie, Bill
Joan Gault Byron, Colleen Kieser Bofysil, Gary and Marcia Hoskins,
Bill Thomas, Roberta Pascal Rowe, Virginia Wick Bullock
Dee Schaberg Sohrweide, Lynda Pettit Collins,
Kelley Peatross (daughter of Jim Keyton),
Karen Converse Pierson
Marcelle Carutthers the new Eastern High Principal
Marcelle is now a Quaker!
Dawn Derhammer Stiles - our Chairperson
Joan Gault Byron talking with Judy Forsyth Potts
Jim Dorin, Jim Keyton, Mike Kosloski
Catherine Johnson Shults daughter of Sally and Larry Johnson, Sally Alexander Johnson (LEHS '59) widow of Larry Johnson June '57, Roberta Alexander Lear (LEHS '55), Bill Lear,
Kathy and John (LEHS '62) Alexander
Bill and Anne
Jack and Nancy, Marilyn and Mike, Janet and Dick,
Nancy and Mort, Jerry and Barb