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Friday the 13th Casual Get-together 7-13-2018


Fifteen of our '57 classes plus a couple of guys from other classes came to our

Friday 13th casual get together at the Outpost on South Pennsylvania. These were: Dawn Stiles, Carol Pride, Mandy Lawton, Judy and Bill Atkinson, Marilyn and Mike Kosloski, Richard Dunham, Letha Collins, Ira Purchis, Jim Keyton, Jim Dorin, Donna Root Forbush, Jean Rammacher Spencer, Bill Thomas, Joe Malatinsky ('56), and Jay Lane ('58). Jay drove Jim Keyton to the lunch.


This is the same place we had a Friday gathering for our 60 years reunion last August. We met on the 'patio', which is kind of an open-air back room.


It was really casual, we all had a good time, and especially enjoyed Richard Dunham telling his stories, and Letha telling Millie Toogood stories.


We started at 2, ate somewhere around 3, then mostly broke up around 4:30.

Take a look at our photos.

Such a good time, we may do this again. We'll see if there is any interest. . .

Richard, Letha, Ira, Mike (Kos), Jim K., Jay, Jim D., Donna, Jean, and Joe




Dawn, Carol, Mandy, Bill Atkins


Mandy, Bill and Judy, Marilyn



Ira Purchis sent this photo of a Walter French 9th grade class of January 1954 reunion that Ann and Ira hosted in 2007, a mixture of January '57 graduates of Sexton and Eastern.

Ira notes that recently passed LEHS Jan '57 Classmates Nancy Jenkins (Spurgeon) and Pat Cuzner (Haynes) are both in this photo. Pat and Nancy had kept in touch over the years and both of their husbands passed within a year of each other in 2006 or 2007.

From left to right in the photo:

Ron Welfare (Sexton), Ron Clark (Sexton), Pat Cuzner Haynes (Eastern), Ann Stow Purchis (Sexton), Larry Brown (Eastern), Ira Purchis (Eastern), Bob Brockwell (Sexton), Nancy Jenkins Spurgeon (Eastern), Kay Black Terry (Eastern), Joan Dick Budz (Sexton), Ron Bell (Eastern)

I remember Ron Welfare as a diver on the Sexton swim team, a really good diver and a good guy also. Ron still looks fit.

From Bill Thomas 11-4-15

My son's wife found a poster online for the Dells, featuring the Crestwoods, asked me if I had ever heard of them. Are you kidding? Look closely - Jim Anderson, Chuck Sweitzer, Larry Johnson all June '57, and Jack Sova, June '59. I emailed this poster to Chuck and to Larry's widow Sally. Larry and Jim are Gone now.

From Bill Thomas 11-1-14

Dick Fronczak LEHS Jan ‘57 interviewed on Detroit Channel 4 11:00 news about U of M Athletic Director Dave Brandon leaving, Dick was interviewed at the U of M Union. He must be in town for homecoming.

Watch the story (have to put up with an ad first):


From Bill Thomas 9-19-14

Stopped in at Blondie’s Barn in Haslett for lunch yesterday with my son. Looked over and saw Marilyn and Mike (we knew him as Ferris or 'Kos') Kosloski sitting at the table across from us. Had a good time visiting. All is well with them. Marylyn mentioned that they recently got together with Jan and Dick Bailey, Barb and Jerry Mitchell, Nancy and Mort McKillop, and Loraine Earley and her new friend.


From Dawn Stiles 8-31-14


August 28, 2014, Three Men and a Tenor concert, Grand Ledge, Mi.


L-R: Dawn (Derhammer) Stiles, Judy (Forsyth) Potts, Mandy (Hicks) Lawton, Linda (Burl) Spry, Nancy (Evans) Morgan, Jack Morgan, Carol (Edwards) Pride. Also attending but missed photo op were Ira and Ann Purchis.  

From Dawn Stiles 6-12-13
"The Girls of Summer"  (because so many of them scoot off to Florida in the Winter) - Some of the ’57 girls at lunch recently, looking good, left to right: Nancy Callahan, Linda Spry, Nancy Morgan, Mandy Lawton, Dawn Stiles, and Letha Collins.